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    Back in “the day” when you wanted a mortgage, you would put on your best outfit, and arrange a meeting with the bank or building society manager to ask for the money to buy your house. If you were charming, polite, and he was feeling generous, you would walk out proud homeowners.

    Things are a little different these days. And if we’re honest – we like it! Taking out a mortgage is big commitment and it is important everyone involved understands what’s going on, and gets it right.

    So, we wanted to shout a little about how we make sure we know what we’re doing, and how we keep you, and your home, safe!

    Firstly, My Simple Mortgage is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority as a reputable and trusted company. They carry out checks and balances on us regularly to make sure we’re following the rules and are financially stable. And you’ll be pleased to know – we pass every time.

    Secondly, and for you most importantly, every person you speak to is trained, experienced, and most importantly – they’re QUALIFIED. All our mortgage advisers hold a specific licence called Certificate of Mortgage Advice and Practice – or CeMAP for short. This is a fully recognised NVQ level 3 qualification, often issued by the London School of Finance. It is an intense course that requires study and exams. We won’t lie – some of it’s pretty dry and covers some heavy detail about the history of financial services in the UK. But the key areas, such has regulation, how you or your home could be at risk if it goes wrong, and how to make sure it doesn’t is actually pretty interesting. Throw in on top of that all the knowledge about how mortgages work, and how people such as you earn your money in the variety of ways that people do these days, and you’ll find that all our advisers come out the other end of the qualification as pretty wise and clever people. And it doesn’t stop there. Once an adviser has their qualification, they must do further testing to be approved as a Competent Adviser. And even still, once they’ve been confirmed as Competent, each adviser must complete 50 hours per year of additional study and learning to make sure they’re in the best shape possible to help you with your mortgage and insurance needs.

    And finally – we insure everything. We carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance. This is to protect you in case something isn’t right. But do not worry – in all our combined decades of service, we’ve never had to make a claim. And we’re proud of that.

    So, if you are considering applying for a mortgage, always make sure the adviser who helps you has the right qualification. And if you choose to use My Simple Mortgage, you are guaranteed the best, highest standard, and most importantly, the safest experience.

    James Adams

    James Adams


    Founder & Co-Director, My Simple Mortgage. Has helped thousands of people purchase their first home. Dreaming up ways to change the norm and challenge the status quo.

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