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Making Moves

Hi everyone,

James here from My Simple Mortgage. As you can imagine, we deal with a lot of people who move house. I think it's listed as one of the most stressful things you can do in life (along with get married and have kids apparently!) so, we've picked up a few hints and tips from our dealings with our friends and customers that might help make it a little easier!


1) Pack the house into boxes labeled with the room on. Then when you unload the van, you'll know which box goes where. Sounds obvious - but I've been there when it's been done wrong!

2) Pack a small jar of coffee/tea/your favourite drink in to several boxes, along with a cup/glass/spoon. That way, when you're gasping for a brew, you can get to the essentials quickly. You'll also want to not pack the kettle. Keep that baby safe in the car and plug it in straight away! It'll keep you going and keep your workers happy! You may also want to pack some snacks and easilty cookable food for the first night. (Or get a take away!)

3) Find somewhere for the kids to go. If grandparents are on hand, that's ideal. Or maybe move on a school day or when nursery is open. Small children under feet can get tricky to deal with.

4) Start packing early. Like a week early. Nothing worse than losing a nights sleep trying to pack your entire collection of Shakespeare's plays at 4am when the van arrives at 6am!

5) Build the bed first, then plug in the TV. You won't get it all done on the first day, but at least try and make sure you've got somewhere to sleep, and won't miss Eastenders!

6) Put the big items (couch, wardrobes, bookshelves, in the van last, and then in the house first.























1) Don't unpack the sentimental things first. You'll spend hours down memory lane and end up with the washing machine in the front garden overnight.

2) Don't be a perfectionist. You'll have plenty of time to get the rooms as you want them. But for now, on moving day, get in, get done, and get to bed!

3) Don't panic. Things will go wrong. Things will break, and things will go missing. It happens. Stay calm, have a brew, and crack on. And then maybe speak to us about getting some decent home insurance!

4) Don't invite all your friends round on moving day UNLESS they're prepared to pick up a box and carry it. Have a small team of trusted movers.

So there you go - some simple dos and don'ts for moving day. And remember, if you've used us to arrange your mortgage, you'll know that everything else has bee taken care of and all you need to do is enjoy...

.... now where's my kettle.....?

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Hi everyone, James here from My Simple Mortgage. As you can imagine, we deal with a lot of people who move house. I think it's listed as one of the most...
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