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How easy is it to get your first mortgage?

How easy is it to get your first mortgage?

One thing we have all agreed on here at My Simple Mortgage, is that in reality, a mortgage is a very simple thing. It is a loan, or a lump of money that someone lends to you to buy a home. And in return for that, you agree to pay back the money (plus a little extra by...

Main reasons that  people remortgage

Main reasons that people remortgage

Most people consider remortgaging when their current fixed or variable rate with a lender has ended, and the want to explore what other deals are available on the market. And this is a good thing to do. Moving to a new lender to reduce your interest rate can save you...

Mortgage Protection – Staying Safe

Mortgage Protection – Staying Safe

When you take out a mortgage, the lender who gives you the money will want to know that they can get it back if you are unable to keep up on your repayments. They do this by putting what is called a “legal charge” over the property when you buy it. This means that if...