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Our Six Simple Steps to getting a great mortgage deal

We are a whole-of-market mortgage advice company and we’re confident that we can source the best deal possible for you in the UK. Our process is quite simple: we remove all the hassle from you in finding a mortgage. Our Six Simple Steps to getting a great mortgage deal are as follows:

The first step is to have an informal chat with one of our team so we can obtain some basic details about you and the property you are going to (or would like to) buy or re-mortgage. This can be done either on the phone or face-to-face, and on average might take 10-20 minutes. Your dedicated Adviser will then call you to introduce themselves and talk through your requirements in more detail. If required, your Adviser can give you an indication of how much you might be able to borrow and also what mortgage deals are currently available.

The next step would be for you to complete a fact-find questionnaire. This can be done either with a telephone interview, face-to-face with your Adviser, or via our unique and secure online portal.

The fact-find provides us with more detailed information about you, including your income and expenditure details, and forms the basis of your mortgage application. At this stage, you will also need to provide us with proof of your identity, proof of your income, and copies of your last three month’s bank statements.

(If you choose to complete the fact-find online, we send you a link to our secure portal via email, and then a separate text with a secure access code. On average, the fact-find takes up to 30 minutes to complete. You then submit it electronically and securely back to us.)

Your Adviser will then research the whole UK market and provide you with a personal recommendation for the mortgage they believe best meets your needs.

We then prepare and submit an application to the lender, at which point you will need to pay us an application fee. Our standard fee is £499. For more complex and time-consuming applications, a higher fee of up to £799 may apply, with the fee being agreed with you at the outset.

Please note that we do not charge our fee until we submit your mortgage application - the advice surrounding your mortgage (steps 1 to 3) is completely free.

We will then work closely with the lender to ensure full and complete underwriting of your mortgage. This includes a valuation of the property you are buying or re-mortgaging, which is arranged once your application has been approved in principle.

Once the lender has received and is satisfied with the property valuation, they will issue a formal Mortgage Offer. They will advise us first and we will telephone you straight away to let you know. Your dedicated Case Manager will then track and manage your case, liaising with you and keeping you updated of the progress of your case until completion.

Your house purchase or re-mortgage completes.

Case Studies

A local first-time buyer client had initially met with his Estate Agent’s in-house mortgage broker. Unfortunately, that broker was unable to find the client a mortgage. A friend of our client suggested he speak to us. We found the client a great deal within 60 minutes and the client received a formal offer from the mortgage lender within 2 weeks.

A London client contacted us and completed our fact-find so that we could advise him how much he could afford to spend on a house. A few weeks later, he contacted us on a Monday evening to tell us he had found a house he wanted to buy. By 5:00pm on the Wednesday, we had obtained an agreement in principle from the lender.

A new client’s existing fixed-rate mortgage deal was due to expire. They asked us to find them a new £195,000 re-mortgage deal which included the consolidation of £50,000 of Credit Card debt. We found them a great deal which meant their monthly debt repayments reduced by £786 per month.

An existing client recommended us to a friend who’s fixed-rate deal had recently ended. The mortgage amount was £350,000. After discussing the clients’ requirements with him, we found him a great re-mortgage deal which kept his monthly repayments the same, but reduced the mortgage term by 7 years, saving him over £100,000 over the full term of the mortgage!

My Simple Mortgage is a whole of market mortgage advice company helping people all over the UK find the right mortgage to either buy their next home or investment property, or to reduce their existing mortgage repayments.

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